If you`re an independent artist or a band looking to release your music, you`re probably familiar with music distribution services like DistroKid. DistroKid is one of the most popular digital distributors and offers a wide range of services to help artists distribute their music across all major streaming platforms. However, before you start using DistroKid`s services, it`s important to understand their distribution agreement and what it means for your music.

DistroKid`s distribution agreement is essentially a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of using their services. When you sign up for DistroKid, you`re agreeing to comply with all the rules and regulations set forth in their distribution agreement, so it`s essential to read and understand it fully before uploading your music.

Some of the key points to look out for in the DistroKid distribution agreement include:

1. Royalties and Payment: DistroKid pays out royalties based on the revenue generated from your music streams and downloads. The payment is made 30 days after the end of each month. DistroKid takes 20% commission on all revenue earned from your streams and downloads.

2. Content Ownership: You retain the ownership of your music and all the rights associated with it. You grant DistroKid the permission to distribute your music across various platforms on your behalf.

3. Copyright Infringement: DistroKid has a strict policy against copyright infringement. If they receive a notice from a copyright owner claiming that your music infringes on their copyright, they have the right to remove your music from all platforms until the issue is resolved.

4. Termination: You have the right to terminate your DistroKid account at any time. However, if you terminate your account, your music will be removed from all platforms within 30 days.

5. Customer Support: DistroKid has a customer support team that is available via email and social media. They provide assistance with account-related issues and other queries related to their services.

Overall, the DistroKid distribution agreement is designed to protect both the artists and DistroKid. It`s essential to read and understand the agreement fully before using their services to avoid any issues down the line. With DistroKid`s services, independent artists have the opportunity to distribute their music worldwide, increasing their reach and audience.

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